High Efficient Cow Dung Manure

High Efficient Cow Dung Manure
High Efficient Cow Dung ManureHigh Efficient Cow Dung ManureHigh Efficient Cow Dung ManureHigh Efficient Cow Dung Manure
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Manure dryer is a low-fuel-consumption and high efficiency of drying equipment. Its drying process is in a closed system, which could not only reduce the environmental pollution, but also realize energy saving and environmental protection in the process. The corollary equipment of  manure dryer includes  manure drying body, hot-blaststove, screw feeder, dust remover, deodorization tower and control operationplatform etc. There is no need to add other equipment.

The biggest feature of Fote manure dryer is its ability to remove dust and deodorize materials. Fote Manure dryer can not only dry chicken manure, but also duck manure and cow dungetc, so it is also called as duck manure dryer, cow dung dryer, fowl manure dryer and poultry manure dryer. It is suitable for the areas where large, medium and small scaled breeding industry is relatively well-developed.

Main Features

1. The speed of drum and crushingdevice is adjustable; it can work continuously.

2. The adoption of flow and sealeddrying process reduces energy consumption.

3. It has less failure, lowmaintenance cost and power consumption.

4. It can also realizesterilization and deodorization at the same time of drying.

5. The feature of energyconservation and environmental protection can improve the utilization rate ofwaste and reduce agricultural operation cost.

6. The utilization of naturalfertilizer increases agricultural production and makes the agriculturalproducts more green and healthy.